Cafe Najjar, Company - الشركة زحلة,   لبنان - Allbiz
    Cafe Najjar, Company - الشركة زحلة,   لبنان - Allbiz
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    Cafe Najjar, Company - الشركة زحلة,   لبنان - Allbiz

    Cafe Najjar, Company, زحلةالصانع

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    Cafe Najjar, Company, زحلة
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    عنوان الشركة: زحلة,   لبنان
    al-biqa'a zahla
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    All the secrets of a cup of coffee lie in the heart of a little red berry that fascinates the world and kindles the imagination. Here's where the story begins. According to legend, a herd of hungry goats and their Arab caretaker, Kaldi, fell one day upon red berries flourishing in strange bushes on a high plateau in Ethiopia. When tasted, the berries revealed to have a strange effect on the goats, which started kicking up their heels with exuberance. Kaldi then spread the news and the 'heavenly' berries became a ritual throughout the country. First introduced to the Arab world by pilgrims, coffee's culture remained a long time monopolized by the Arabs. It's not surprising then that the word coffee derives from the Arab word "qahwa" which means "wine", coffee or any drink made from plants. When coffee has finally reached Europe, it was often called "The wine of Arabia". Later, coffee broke through the inter-tropical world and many countries at the four corners of the planet are cultivating these supreme beans today. Coffees of the world are rich, different in texture and fragrances, and display in an array of flavors, aromas, tastes and bodies. Coffee beans are divided into two main species: Robusta and Arabica.
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